What once was guest blogging with an idea of getting links is nowadays dead. In fact, the guest blogging should have never been about obtaining links or link building in general.

However, despite this announcement made by the best of the modern digital world, guest posting still happens. There are great writers who insert links to their sites and direct the traffic to another place. Obviously, this has been a great way to gain links in the past – although the results were obviously on intention and a bit too much for the online world.

Nowadays, in 2015, many people expect that Google is about to take a move to guest posting – and it may be the forced move that we have all been waiting for. The links in return for free content could kill many websites, and on the opposite, give access to the sweet spots to many websites that hadn’t adopted this strategy.

So, in order to be precautions with guest posting, everyone should know how to break the link between SEO and guest blogging. Without providing any links to guest authors or to their clients, the absence of guest posting can have a number of positive effects including these:

  1. The common thought about ‘writing for links’ will be definitely (and finally) gone.
  2. There will be a limit to the load of links into posts pointing at the same website (a technique also considered as guest blogging).
  3. There will be writing for more honest reasons than link-building.
  4. The quality of articles without links will be ultimately better and will save editors a lot of time.

In case you still miss the idea of guest blogging now, we have another set of points:

  1. It will bring a different perspective from any other. For example, people working in eCommerce, digital marketing as well as other sites will have a different experience than bloggers looking for mass link-building
  2. It will help the promotion process, as guest writers with large networks are able to promote the content to new audiences without only linking to it.
  3. It will increase the search visibility with the type of quality posts we all like to see. After all, this is certainly an idea that Google shares with us.
  4. We will be witnessing quality content in its pure form. The knowledge will be directed solely to the content and not to any type of links to be blended in which has been a common practice.

In the end, as mobile optimization started to rule and clean out the sites without a mobile presence, Google will definitely take part in implementing another filter. The guest posting as much as it is practiced has led many websites to success brought from other ones rather than actual quality. This has to stop, and according to many digital enthusiasts – will, in the nearest time possible.